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Description Of Bactrim

Brand nameBactrim
Active ingredientSulfamethoxazole / Trimethoprim
Dosage formtablets
Quantity per package10-360 pcs, depending on the dosage
Bactrim priceFrom AUD XXX for a tablet
Dosage400/80 mg/800/160 mg
Selling Bactrimwithout a prescription
Drug classbroad-spectrum antibiotic
EffectsTreatment of various bacterial infections
Action onsetwithin 0.5-2 hours
Duration of effect10–15 hours
Contraindicationsindividual intolerance, pregnancy
Compatibility with alcoholNo

Questions and answers

What side effects can Bactrim cause?

Bactrim can cause side effects, just like any other medications. People mostly tolerate these side effects well and they do not require visiting a doctor. The most common side effects include:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • loss of appetite.

Where can you find the best price for Bactrim?

We offer the best price for Bactrim compared to other sellers. Also, when buying a big package, we give additional discounts and bonuses.

What cities can we deliver Bactrim to?

We deliver drugs to all large Australian cities, including:

  • Sydney;
  • Melbourne;
  • Brisbane;
  • Perth;
  • Adelaide;
  • Gold Coast;
  • Newcastle;
  • Canberra;
  • Geelong;
  • Townsville, etc.

Contact our support service to check whether we deliver drugs to your city.

How to order Bactrim with delivery in Australia?

To place an order, fill out a special form on our website. Specify the drug name, dosage, quantity, and delivery address. We will deliver your order within 3-10 days.

What drugs can you use instead of Bactrim?

As an alternative to Bactrim, you can use other drugs with a similar active ingredient or other antibiotics effective for pathogenic bacteria causing inflammation.

Can I buy Bactrim without a prescription in your pharmacy?

In our pharmacy, you can buy Bactrim without a prescription. We do not require a prescription to place an order. However, we recommend consulting a doctor to find an individual dosage or treatment plan.

Can Bactrim be ineffective?

The TGA officially approved Bactrim for use. Many studies and medical practice confirm its effectiveness for some bacterial infections. Following the instructions and doctor’s recommendations guarantees the effectiveness of Bactrim.

Why should you order Bactrim from us?

In our pharmacy, you can buy drugs with proven effectiveness for treating various diseases. We made the ordering process as simple as possible and ensured fast delivery anywhere in Australia. Our customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24/7 support.
  • Free delivery for orders worth AUD 200 or more.
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  • Additional bonuses and discounts when buying a large package.

Can anyone see what I order?

No. We provide 100% anonymity to our customers. We deliver all orders in impersonalized discreet packing.

Bactrim description

What is Bactrim, and how does it work

Bactrim is a broad-spectrum, fixed-dose combination antibiotic. The drug contains Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim in a ratio of 5 to 1. Bactrim is used to deal with the following health problems:

  • skin infections;
  • urinary tract infections;
  • respiratory tract infections;
  • gastrointestinal infections, including cholera;
  • traveler’s diarrhea.

The TGA approved Bactrim in different dosage forms. You can safely use the dosage form that is best for you to treat the infection. The active ingredients of Bactrim are also legal and can be used as part of other drugs.

Mechanism of Bactrim action

The combination of two active substances of the drug provides a complex effect on pathogens. Sulfamethoxazole disrupts the synthesis of dihydrofolic acid in bacterial cells and also inhibits the utilization of 4-aminobenzoic acid in them. Trimethoprim interferes with folic acid metabolism by inhibiting the enzyme necessary for this. This stops the production of nucleic acids, without which the growth and reproduction of bacteria are impossible. Bactrim has a pronounced bactericidal effect.

When does Bactrim begin to work

Bactrim begins to work within 0.5-2 hours. The time it takes for the drug to kick in depends on the blood concentration of active ingredients. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, the absorption of the active ingredient may be faster or slower.

How long does Bactrim last

Bactrim action duration also depends on the individual characteristics of the body. For example, kidney diseases slow down the excretion of active ingredients, and the drug lasts longer. The average action duration of the medicine is 10-15 hours.

Can Bactrim have a permanent effect

Like other antibiotics, Bactrim is used to treat bacterial infections, and its effect is ensured by maintaining a sufficient blood concentration of active ingredients. As soon as you stop treatment, the active ingredients will be removed from the body, and the effect of Bactrim will stop.

How long does it take for Bactrim to be excreted from the body

After a single dose, the half-life of Sulfamethoxazole is 10 hours, and that of Trimethoprim is 8-10 hours. After the end of Bactrim treatment, it may take several days for it to be removed from the body.

Does Bactrim show up on a drug test

Although you may detect the traces of Bactrim in the blood some time after the end of treatment, as a rule, the remains of active ingredients do not affect the results of drug tests. This is because Bactrim does not belong to substances detected by these tests.

Compatibility of Bactrim with other medicines

Bactrim can interact with many drugs, and some of these interactions may be dangerous. Avoid combining Bactrim with the following medications:

  • anticonvulsants;
  • antidepressants;
  • anticoagulants;
  • blood pressure drugs;
  • Digoxin;
  • Indomethacin.

Can you drink alcohol when taking Bactrim

During Bactrim treatment, avoid alcohol as the drug may increase the side effects of the latter. Alcohol can also reduce the effectiveness of Bactrim. You can drink alcohol no earlier than 3 days after the end of treatment.

How to store Bactrim properly

Store the medicine in a dry place, out of the reach of children and animals, at temperatures not exceeding 30℃. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not use the pills if the package is damaged or the drug has expired.

How to take Bactrim and in what dosages

The Bactrim dosage depends on the type of infection and its severity. For adults, doctors usually prescribe one 800/160 mg pill or two 400/80 mg tablets every 12 hours. The average treatment duration is 5-14 days.

For children above 2 months of age, the dosage is 40 mg of Sulfamethoxazole and 8 mg of Trimethoprim per kg of body weight. The main rules for taking the drug are as follows:

  • Take the pill at about the same time.
  • Take the tablet with enough water.
  • Take the medicine after a meal to avoid nausea.

A doctor may prescribe you a different treatment regimen and dosage than those described above. Strictly follow the doctor’s advice.

Can you take Bactrim for a long time

Long-term use of Bactrim, like any other antibiotic, can lead to the development of resistance to the active ingredients of the drug. So, the treatment duration should be at most 14 days. You can only extend the treatment duration to 6 weeks in case of recurrent infections. If you need a longer treatment, discuss it with a doctor.

What to do when overdosing on Bactrim

Bactrim overdose may have the following symptoms:

  • vomiting;
  • yellow skin or eye whites;
  • fever;
  • blood in urine;
  • mental fog;
  • fainting.

If you experience the above symptoms or suddenly get worse, contact the Poisons Information Line by calling the number 13 11 26.

Comparison of Bactrim generics

Available generics of Bactrim contain the same active ingredients, so their action is similar. However, they may differ in the dose or dosage form.

NameBactrimBactrim DSDBL Sulfamethoxazole and Trimethoprim
Active ingredientSulfamethoxazole/






Dosage formTabletTabletTablet
Dosage400/80 mg, 800/160 mg800/160 mg400/80 mg

What to know before taking Bactrim

In some cases, you should take the drug with caution. Tell the doctor if you have ever had an allergic reaction to medications. Also, inform the doctor if you have the following:

  • thyroid disorder;
  • liver or kidney diseases;
  • severe allergy;
  • asthma;
  • folic acid deficiency;
  • porphyria.

If you get pregnant during Bactrim treatment, stop taking it immediately and tell the doctor, as the drug may cause birth defects.

Bactrim contraindications

Individual intolerance to the drug ingredients, pregnancy, and breastfeeding are contraindications to the use of Bactrim. Also, you should not use the drug in the following cases:

  • severe liver or kidney damage;
  • anemia;
  • decrease in the level of platelets when using Trimethoprim or sulfonamide drugs.

Bactrim side effects

Bactrim treatment can cause side effects, the most common of which are as follows:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • loss of appetite.

To reduce nausea and vomiting, take Bactrim after a meal. In rare cases, the drug can cause dangerous side effects, such as:

  • severe allergic reaction;
  • severe abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea;
  • severe skin reactions;
  • yellow skin or eye whites;
  • blood disorders;
  • severe liver or lung damage.

Dangerous side effects require immediate medical assistance. This is not a complete list of side effects. If you get worse while taking Bactrim, consult your doctor.

Side effects in older people and age restrictions

Doctors do not prescribe Bactrim for children under 2 months of age. For older children, the dosage is calculated based on the body weight. Older people should use the drug with caution due to the risk of kidney damage and hyperkalemia. Also, chronic diseases may cause more pronounced side effects in this age group.

Lifestyle: diet and exercise

Avoid foods containing propylene glycol during Bactrim treatment. Usually, you can find this ingredient in soft drinks and processed foods. Combining propylene glycol with Bactrim can lead to dangerous side effects. In all other respects, you can stick to your regular diet. But including healthy foods in it will help improve your general health and, to some extent, may speed up recovery.

How does the mental state affect the effectiveness

According to some data, Bactrim may adversely affect the mental state in rare cases. For example, it may cause depression and psychosis. So, if you have mental health problems, inform the doctor before treatment. However, the mental state generally does not affect the drug efficacy since its action is aimed at suppressing the activity of pathogenic bacteria.

When to consult a doctor

Consulting a doctor is mandatory for children and older people as they may require dosage adjustment. See the doctor if side effects worsen or you have dangerous symptoms during treatment. Also, visit the doctor if you do not see any improvement in your condition during or after treatment.